BRONCO: Biomedical entity Relation ONcology Corpus

We introduce a Biomedical entity Relation ONcology COrpus (BRONCO) that contains more than 400 variants and their relations with genes, diseases, drugs, and cell lines in the context of cancer and anti-tumor drug screening research. The variants and their relations were manually extracted from 108 full-text articles. BRONCO can be utilized to evaluate and train new methods used for extracting biomedical entity relations from full-text publications, and thus be a valuable resource to the biomedical text mining research community.

BRONCO(Corpus, December 21st, 2015) : This zipped file contains BRONCO corpus and 108 full texts. (Including external DB identifiers - COSMIC, ClinVar, dbSNP, MeSH, Entrez)

Fixed Public Corpus of MutationFinder, EMU and tmVar (Corpus, June 2nd, 2015) : This zipped file contains MutationFinder, EMU and tmVar corpus and the abstracts.

Post Processing File (JAR, zipped, September 21st, 2015) : This program modifies and improves the accuracy of the result output files of tmVar, EMU.

BRONCO-A (Corpus for abstracts only, A for Abstracts) : This zipped file contains Genes, Diseases, Chemicals, Cell lines, and Variants found only in the abstract of same texts contained in BRONCO. Relations between entities are not included in this corpus.

The detailed information about this corpus and BRONCO Project is available here. Please cite this paper when you use BRONCO.
==> BRONCO: Biomedical entity Relation ONcology COrpus for extracting gene-variant-disease-drug relations DATABASE, 2016 Apr.

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     - Kyubum Lee (kyubumlee_at_korea_dot_ac_dot_kr)